Options for Children in Zambia works to improve healthcare needs in rural African communities to improve quality of life. Specifically, Options is pursuing a novel strategy that utilizes oral health prevention as a catalyst to promote other healthcare and quality of life-improving services to low-resource rural communities.

The scope of what we do

Options for Children in Zambia is a 501c3 non-profit organization that since 2004 has contributed health and other services otherwise unavailable to children and adults in the developing Sub-Saharan country of Zambia.

Options is now introducing a novel public health strategy, launching an ambitious program to alleviate two underappreciated major threats to survival and quality of life, dental decay and sickle cell disease, focusing on neglected vast rural areas of the country.  Having discovered that providing preventive dental care in rural villages attracts people over large distances, Options is applying the dental magnet to diagnose sickle cell disease, using an inexpensive, rapid test it has helped to develop.  Those diagnosed can immediately benefit from simple but effective measures.

Options has also established financial opportunities for women in rural villages by instructing them in a unique variety of bead craftsmanship.

Why Dentistry

Authorities do not prioritize oral, because not many people die of it — despite the fact that it can make life seem not worth living.  Options emphasizes Prevention, the only practical way to reduce painful and disfiguring dental decay.

A Sickle Cell Solution

Like dental health, sickle cell disease is a relatively neglected problem.  Options has concentrated on using the dental magnet strategy to disseminate diagnostic screening for this prevalent and devastating genetic disease in Africa, sickle cell anemia.

The Women of Zambia

A special way to donate and get an immediate reward — purchase beautiful jewelry handmade in a rural African village; purchases proceeds benefit village women!

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nurse checking a child
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Why Dentistry

There is only 1 dentist for every 50,000 people in Zambia. Learn how access to basic dentistry can impact lives

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Help spread the word about Options’ mission by giving a presentation to your family, friends, colleagues  or classmates about what life is like for children and families in other countries who don’t have access to health care, dental care, and those living with sickle cell.

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